Amhurst Property Management has been an industry leader in rental and condominium management for over 35 years. Led by Saadat Keshavjee CPM CMOC, Amhurst specializes in managing single-family houses, townhouse and apartment condominium units. With a portfolio of over 400 units, we are large enough to deliver economies of scale on purchasing, but small enough to give your home the personal touch that it deserves. We understand the rental market incredibly well, and specialize in only putting tenants in your home that will treat it like it was their own.

Amhurst also specializes in buying investment properties for investor clients in Calgary and around the world. Having a strong understanding of the macro and micro forces that shape the needs of tenants in this city, Amhurst can help you acquire rental properties that will give you a steady return and strong property appreciation.

Amhurst also manages a number of condominium and commercial projects across the city. With experience working with multi-family apartment and townhouse complexes of all sizes, we visit your community regularly to ensure that it is a place that you are proud to call home.

For our industrial clients, we understand that the way your property looks is the first thing that your customers see. We ensure that it is always looking beautiful, and suggest upgrades that will bring more people to your businesses

Here at Amhurst, we work hard for our commercial clients as well to ensure that their bays are rented quickly, and that the operating costs are competitive without compromising on the look, feel and maintenance of the property. We can handle property tax concerns, major capital work, coordinating new tenant upgrades and more.

With an experienced team of property managers, accountants, and customer service experts, Amhurst is your home for property management services in Calgary.

This blog focuses on property management and investment real estate in Calgary. For more information on what Amhurst can do for you, please call us at 403-237-0477.